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Singapore Popin' Cookin' Kits!

Hello guys, we are selling this D-I-Y miniature candy making kit at $10 for the 1st set and $10 each for subsequent sets.For orders beyond 10sets, each box will be at $9.50. It takes roughly 2-3 weeks to arrive. So please place your order by 27th May 2011(Batch 4). For those who have purchased during the first batch, your subsequent order will be of a price at a discount since we are able to get the second batch at a lower cost!
Please Fill In Your Name, Contact Number and the quantity you would like to purchase and which kit you are intending to get! As for payment, you will be informed after you have placed your order e.g. Cash, ATM Transfer.
. Thank You ! :D

POSB Transfer Savings Account: 209-44011-3

NOTE: Order will only be confirmed AFTER payment has been made

P.S. You can purchase it for children's party/your birthday as gifts as well! Discount will be given depending on the quantity you order!
Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing your items :D

Popin’ Cookin! is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit for the smart kids in the class. This intellectual education candy lets you mold and create realistic looking sweets, and teaches young ones in the process.
Sushi Making Set
Code - PC 1

What is it?
It is an edible candy! Grape flavoured!

Details of Set: It is edible. (grape flavored jello, gummy candy and soft candy)

Bento Set
Code - PC2

Details of set: It is edible. (muscat, grape, strawberry flavored jello) (yogurt flavored gummy candy)

Cream Set
Code - PC3

It is edible. (wafers, vanilla/strawberry flavored cream

Ramen Making Set
Code - PC4

Details of set:It is edible. (Dumplings are made of soda flavored soft candies. Soy sauce flavored soup.)

Postage Cost

1 - 2 Boxes : $1.00
3 - 4 Boxes: $2.50
5 - 7 Boxes: $3.50
8 - 10 Boxes: $4.00
11 - 15 Boxes: $ $5.50
Self-collection is only available at Parkway Parade and Serangoon MRT.
*Overseas postage cost will be depending on location as well.

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