Lomo 2/3/4 Lenses Only at $22/$24/$25

Cute Robot Styled Action Sampler Two/Three/Four Lens 35mm Film Camera for only $22-$25
(without Film)/ $26 - $29 (with Film).

The Action Camera arrests a fast moving object and captures its movement into four sequential photos. This is not a single-use disposable camera, but proper functioning 35mm outdoor camera that you will find easy and fun to use.

The most distinctive feature of this camera is its ability to capture motions - 2/3/4 actions in a single photo frame. With one touch of the shutter button, all lenses are fired in sequence. It preserves the movement in time and motion on one single print.

With 2/3/4 lenses and multiple shoot function, this LOMO style Film Camera qualifies as the ultimate gadget for casual, snapshot photography. Works with any standard 35mm film!

Pick your angle, close up, and shoot fast. That's IT!

Now available in 2, 3 or 4 lenses! Share your story in 2, 3 or 4 frames, grab one now for only $22/$24/$25(without Film) OR $26/$28/$29 (with Film).

Code: LM2 (2 Lenses)
Price: $22 (without Film) / $26 (with Film)

Code: LM3 (3 Lenses)
Price: $24 (without Film)/ $28 (with Film)

Code: LM4 (4 Lenses)
Price: $25 (without Film)/$29 (with Film)

Code: LMF 1
35mm color film LOMO ,400 degrees 27EXP film)
Price: $5.00/roll

Colours Available
(Random colour will be given. We will try our best to suit your preferences)

2 Lenses Shot

3 Lenses Shot

4 Lenses Shot (Good for moving objects)

• Type: 35 type without flash
• Lens: Optical lens, f/8 28mm
• Shutter: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 sec
• Film to be used: 35mm format color or black & white film
• Viewer Finder: Eye level finder
• Focusing: Free
• Dimensions: 95 x 63 x 33mm
• Weight: 90g
. Colour: Any colour we give you (We will try our best to cater to your colour preferences. No guarantee)

Note: We will make orders only after we receive minimum orders. You can get your purchase within 2-3 weeks time after we confirm :)
Please email your details to lovegrassmail@gmail.com .
Please Fill In Your Name, Contact Number and the quantity you would like to purchase and which Lense camera you are intending to get! As for payment, you will be informed after you have placed your order e.g. Cash, ATM Transfer.
Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions on before purchasing.

Thank You ! :D

Postage (For Singapore):
1 camera: $1.00
3 cameras: $2
Registered Mail: $2.24 ( We highly recommend registered mail so as to ensure that you get your mail safely)
Self-collection is only available at Parkway Parade and Serangoon MRT.
*Overseas postage cost will be depending on location as well.

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